Survey findings show where cyber security professionals are focused mid-year and where they’re headed

In May 2019, Cyber Security Hub surveyed executives to see if their challenges and focuses have changed half way through the year. With the ability to benchmark these results to a previous survey (November 2018), we can see where priorities started in the beginning of 2019, and where they are headed as we enter the latter half of the year. Here are six key findings from the research:

  1. Overall sentiment remains positive, while threats continue to evolve. Three-quarters of respondents said hacker sophistication will continue to grow, while a mere 2% said it will stabilize. The top three most dangerous threat vectors also shift, leaving phishing scams as the only one to remain top-of-mind.
  2. Cyber security budgets will continue to increase. Security awareness and user training are at the top of the focus list, while cyber budgets first half of 2019 increased at 59%. Respondents also note that they will continue to increase their cyber dollars in the next 6 months.
  3. Data privacy legislation and compliance are becoming the norm for enterprises. Almost 29% of respondents said GDPR was not as much of a challenge as they thought it would be in first half of 2019.
  4. Cloud is seen as more of a threat at 85.51%.
  5. The security talent crisis is still growing. Respondents said this was the case at almost 70% in our last survey. That number has jumped to 91.3% six months later.
  6. Security awareness continues as a top priority for the next six months. 65% of respondents said that security awareness was their priority in the last six months, while about the same percentage said it will remain a priority security solution for the next six months.