IPC world’s Highest market share
Year Ending 2022
by kimsey Consultanting

Research by Kimsey Consulting Ltd Copyright 2023 Page 1 of 2 Research Briefing Trading Turrets Global Vendor Share (Y/E 2022) The following Research Briefing from Kimsey Consulting provides estimates of Global Market Share for vendors of Trading Turrets. Data is for the year ending December 2022. Our analysis is derived from a range of sources, including –

Data provided by vendors
Our own independent primary research
Financial data and reports (as available)
Review of vendor presentations and other collateral
Public domain information
Assessment of impact of changes within existing client base, including gains/losses of trading positions, opening/closing of offices, Return to Office (post-lockdown) etc.
Reference to our Global Trading Technology Market Size analysis
Reference to our database of trading & related technology sales & implementations

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