90% market share in Thailand deployed IPC and served by Createlcom,  with several trained and certified engineers, we cover the majority of industry with outsources service.  30 years records in Thailand with ZERO downtime and architecture mess reputation, claimed IPC is the most reliable system, trusted product and services for long fames.  The research and development has non stop moving itself to be far from all the competitors,  The Covid 19 Pandamic speeded up the whole market to move to anywhere trading floor and more fantastic, fast, friendly features


90%+ Market Share


Over 900 Positions in Thailand


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IPC systems Inc has been in business for long providing and servicing voice communication systems. They are known for providing a family of trading turrets which provide essential features for trading. The devices are effective and increase and make communication easy especially for the trading houses. IPC offers customers a suite of products and enhanced services that includes advanced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, and integrated network and management services to more than 40 countries

In addition to designing and building mission-critical communications systems, IPC provides global network services through its own private, secure network interconnecting more than 200 cities across six continents. The network has built-in resiliency for the highest levels of service availability.

IPC also offers a suite of enhanced services that provides proactive network and systems management Headquartered in New York, IPC has over  800 employees in full-service offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Toronto, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and nine other major U.S. cities

IPC dealer phone

IQ/MAX® Touch.

Powered by IPC’s Unigy® platform,

The IQ/MAX Touch is software driven with enhanced features offered via the Unigy platform. The features of the device enable for multiple and secure communication. The device can be customized to the required workflow, enabling efficiency. The communications through the device are encrypted for maximum security. With the software based touch, implementation. Changes and training is very easy.

With the open software you can build and use your own applications integrative in the device keeping you up to date. With use of apps you can also lower the administrative costs.

As simple as a smart phone… just touch, and you’re there.

Introduction to

IQ MAX Touch


Spatial audio

with this you can be able to configure the speakers right, left or center which adds audio direction making the communication clear.

Device integration

you get Bluetooth to connect other devices like mouse, keyboard and camera

Wide band microphones

Wide band microphones. There is also an LED light to indicate when the microphone is transmitting.


comes with preinstalled multilingual interfaces for teams dealing with different nationalities.

Multi-touch screen

enables easy usability and increases productivity.

Expansion screen

it helps to separate the speakers and the intercom giving you a balanced work experience.

Clear audio call capture

this helps in recording good quality calls and in analyzing and real time verification.


the user interface can be customized by adding new apps to adapt to changes in the market as they occur.


can handle up to 34 conversations simultaneously.


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