IPC today announced a collaboration with GreenKey Technologies to introduce an innovative machine learning speech recognition solution with tailored financial language models.

 IPCa leading global provider of secure, compliant communications and networking solutions for the financial markets community, and GreenKey Technologies, creator of patented voice software with integrated speech recognition designed specifically for the financial markets, today announced that they have just signed an agreement for a significant collaboration between the firms. The agreement brings to market a powerful AI-based speech recognition solution that converts real-time voice into useable data for financial market users.

The solution leverages GreenKey’s expertise in developing highly accurate language models specifically designed for complex, noisy financial conversations. The solution will transcribe automatically all spoken conversations, by extracting quotes and trades from spoken conversations through GreenKey’s patented natural language processing libraries. The solution will also summarize conversations by extracting insights, such as key terms, key phrases, speaker identities and sentiment.

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GreenKey CEO Nader Shwayhat said: “We are converting real-time voice off the turret into useable data. IPC and GreenKey are leading the industry into a new era of voice-driven workflows and analytics. We are thrilled to be working with the outstanding IPC organization and look forward to transforming the way capital markets participants manage their voice workflows.”

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