1.Plan : Have a pre-game roadmap for your Webex Meetings roll out. 

What should your plan include? 

Here are a few examples: 

• Meeting with the stakeholders who will contribute input and support for your launch.
• Mapping out user populations, user devices, and Mobile Device Management policies. • Identifying early adopter enthusiasts to act as pioneers and champions.
• Relying on the Cisco Complete Webex Meetings Guide and your Cisco rep. 

2.Communicate : Create awareness with a campaign. 

Did you know Cisco has downloadable templates for pre and post-launch emails, digital banners, posters, and iers. We also have “how-to” guides that you can customize to your organization’s personality and color scheme? 

3.Make your case: Stimulate demand with real-world reasons to use Webex Meetings. 

Did you know Cisco provides use case emails that highlight the: 

• Ease of working from home, a co ee shop, or a train on any device? • Power of using Webex Meetings to manage incidents?
• Bene ts of using Webex Meetings to access a global talent pool?
• Flexibility of connecting with colleagues on the y? 

4.Knock their socks off : Make the first meeting awesome. 

People want better ways of working, including having the same amazing technology experiences at work that they get from consumer applications. 

Webex Meetings provides that transformational potential, and that’s why we encourage 

you to ensure your team’s very first experience is smooth and delightful. It could be the moment each user decides if they’ll be using Webex Meetings in their daily work routines. 

5.Relax: Cisco has the resources you need. 

You didn’t just purchase the world’s leading video conferencing solution, you purchased a

relationship with a vendor who cares about your ongoing success.

If you need help with launch and adoption, hit a snag with deployment, or there’s a question that our adoption toolkit can’t answer, we have the collaboration services you need.