OpenText AI and Analytics

Derive value through data-driven decisions using AI and analytics, machine learning, text mining, big data processing and enterprise-class BI & reporting.

What is an AI and analytics platform?

An artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics platform contains the means to derive value from the wealth of information enterprises are constantly generating. While advanced analytics enable enterprises to generate insights on current business processes and even predict outcomes based on historical information, AI acts as a force multiplier for these insights by incorporating machine learning capabilities. AI and analytics aim to make enterprises more efficient, effective and productive while eliminating the need for manual big data processing by presenting valuable business insights in a way that is accessible and relatable to the most critical objectives of the organization.

OpenText AI and Analytics offers a comprehensive set of AI and analytics tools that help enterprises overcome data challenges at their pace. It ensures a smooth path towards AI technologies focused on improved decision making, automation and business optimization.

OpenText Magellan

Augment data-driven decision making and accelerate business with advanced artificial intelligence in a pre-built machine learning and big data analytics platform

OpenText Magellan Analytics Suite

Identify patterns, relationships and trends through interactive dashboards, reports, actionable alerts and advanced data discovery using a comprehensive set of data analytics software on an enterprise-grade analytics platform.

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