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Createlcom is a Thai company that specializes in Unified Communications.  The company has over a decade of telecommunication experience.

Createlcom is geared towards transforming your organization’s way of communicating and collaborating.


We believe that Unified communications technology can boost productivity and enable companies to stay on top of trends and rapidly changing business conditions.


We are partners of leading IT companies such as CISCO- the company who founded and pioneered the development of Internet protocol (IP); IPC – the company that developed critical trading technology and connectivity to the market.; OpenText – Canada’s largest software company which produces and distributes Enterprise Information and Management Software for large corporations across all industries.; RedBox the global provider of voice and data recording solutions; PRIMAS the leading contact center solutions and professional service company designing and implementing multiplatform data integration and solutions.


Company Milestones :

2003 :      
The Management Team established CREATELCOM by sales team and the services team have had a decade of Telecommunication experiences. Createlcom focused on Analog and Digital Voice Loggings in Bank and Finance Business
2004 :      
With experienced product survey by our Product Development Team, we have taken on the Konftel, the world second large Audio Conference System provider from Sweden.
2005 :       
We have been an Opentext Partner which is the proven market leader in fax server, document delivery and fax software.
2006 :       
We are proud to present our partnership with IPC Dealer Phone System, the world leader Dealing System for Treasury Environment from US
2007 :      
CREATELCOM Management Team established new company name is CTC SYSTEMS which has focused on Systems Solution. CTC SYSTEMS was Cisco Specialized Partner for designed and implemented Cisco Contact Center and IP Telephony.
2008 :       
We provided Cybertech IP voice logging and communications recording for all industries.
2009 :       
CTC SYSTEMS was promoted to be Cisco Premier Partner
2010 :       
CTC SYSTEMS is Cisco Advance Unified Communication Specialized partner.
CREATELCOM was win 3 awards from Cisco Systems (Thailand).
FY 09 Top Advance Technology Attached rate Partner
FY 09 Top Year over Year Growth (2 Tier)
FY 11 Marketing Excellence Partner of The Year.